Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas karaoke!

Here we have the singing boys of the family. Wow what a group.

Our sweet Preslee. She loves to sing. She had 48 turns I think.
Mikaelyn also wanted her turn in the spotlight. She thought it was great fun!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve Karaoke!

Wow!! This was a new experience. We have never done Karaoke at grandma's house before. A new Christmas Eve tradition I think. My brother brought over this karaoke machine. It was a really good time. Most of the kids really had a great time. Most of the adults were a little bit afraid.
Lyndon is not very shy as you may know. Most of my family didn't seem to think that he would be willing to do this. I guess they don't know him that well.

My sister and I had lots of fun. She seriously did not want to do it. I begged her and was able to talk her into it. I like to sing a little more than she does apparently. She sure sounded good even if she really hated it.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Tree Fun!

Here are some more pictures of our Christmas tree fun. We try and go hunting for Christmas trees on Thanksgiving weekend. It really wraps up the weekend. We are indeed grateful for all that we have experienced and learned this year. We have had several life changing experiences. We love and appreciate our family more now than we ever have. I hope you can see the joy in our pictures.

My dad and Braxton took off on a little hunt of their own. We couldn't find them for a bit. In the mean time Lyndon and I took turns taking pictures so we could still capture some moments. He is a great photographer.
Here are the boys. They had such a great time. They are such awesome kids. We enjoy each moment with them. Lyndon gets to spend more one on one time with them than I do. They enjoy more of the same things. We are really lucky to have such special boys as our two older children. They are so great.

Our little Mikaelyn angel. She is so dang much fun. She makes us smile and laugh all day. She has quite the personality. She talks so much and repeats everything we say. She loves everything and everyone. She loves books and her dad mostly.

Our Sweet Family!!!!

Christmas Tree Hunting!!!! 2008

Wow! I really can't believe it has been one year since the last time I blogged Christmas tree hunting. Time really flies. This has been just a great year for our family. We have again had so many changes that have truly blessed our lives. Here are a few fun pictures of our traditional Christmas tree adventure. My dad always took us to get Christmas trees when we were kids. We have made a point to invite him to come with us the last couple years. It has been really fun.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Carnival 2008

We have been planning costumes for a couple weeks. Braxton and Cooper decided to be the Indiana Jones twins. This took of course tons of negotiating with Braxton. He is in 4th grade and Cooper is in 1st grade. There are a few other occasions before Halloween for which we will get all dressed up. This one was quite fun because this was my elementary school. I have quite a few memories here. To finally be settled here of all places has been really neat! My sister and I got the kids all ready. She and her family have just moved back here as well. These are two of her kids Kort and Abbie. My kids love having them close to share all this fun with. What a great time we are having.

This is a pretty cute little witch. We are going to work on a little more of a mean face for Halloween I think. She looks a little too pretty. She had fun with my makeup bag getting ready for the carnival. She has made a great little diabetic plan for Trick or Treating. Sound like her candy will last us about 12mos.

The Boys!!!!

This is a picture of the boys on their last trip out to hunt with their dad. They hiked their legs off and loved every minute of it. They were able to camp several times between hunts. What a great time they had.